Zaiah, R&B/Pop’s newest sensation, is gearing up to take the music world by storm!

A native of Fort Wayne, Indiana, Zaiah’s humility began being shaped at an early age. Brought up in a single-parent household, Zaiah was taught to be respectful, confident, and tenacious. His mother stressed the importance of commitment. Zaiah enjoyed participating in many school activities including sports, stage plays, and youth organizations. However, he always turned to music as an outlet and found peace and serenity in singing. Throughout his years growing up in Fort Wayne Zaiah saw first-hand what it meant to survive and conquer.

After graduating high school, Zaiah attended Indiana University, Bloomington, majoring in Biology. At Indiana University, he honed his musical craft by participating in groups with other great artists. After his second year of college, Zaiah was faced with the tough decision of either continuing his education goal and becoming a doctor, or pursuing his dream to become a musician. Despite his will to finish college, Zaiah made the decision to pursue his musical dreams. Zaiah knew that God gave him a gift and was called to touch the world through his music, but he knew that in order to do so, he’d need to relocate to a larger musical city.

Zaiah decided to relocate to Atlanta, Georgia where he quickly began to network and create music with industry professionals such as Q. Parker and Michael Keith of R&B super group 112. Zaiah partnered up with Stellar Award winning producer, Otis Bethea, to begin molding the sound for his forthcoming music project. During this envisioning period, Zaiah is drawing from some of his musical influences including: Stevie Wonder, The Beatles, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Bob Marley, and Usher. His sound is gritty and powerful, yet passionate and tender. He has an atypical sound and undeniable range.

Zaiah’s goal is to create exceptional music that will impact the world. He is currently unsigned and seeking management, producers, and songwriters to elevate his brand to the next level.